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In this section you will find copies of a number of key documents produced by the Trust. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please Contact Us or make use of the Freedom of Information Act.

Annual Reports

Annual Account 2015/16 Our Annual Reports offer a fair, balanced and understandable account of the Trust’s performance, activities and key achievements during the year. They also describe how the Trust is organised and governed.

On this page you will find our most recent Annual Report and Accounts, plus reports of previous years’ activities.

Annual Report 2015-16.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Annual Plan 2016 – 2017.pdf [pdf] 480KB

Quality Accounts

Quality Account 201516 We publish a Quality Account on an annual basis, which sets out our commitment to quality. Our Quality Account includes a review of performance against the previous year’s quality improvement priorities and sets out ambitions for the new year.

Quality Account 2015-16 .pdf [pdf] 2MB

Quality Account 2014-15 .pdf [pdf] 3MB

Summary of Annual Reports and Quality Accounts

Nursing Strategy

Nursing strategy We launched our ‘GMW Nursing Strategy 2016 – 2021’ in March 2016. The development of the Strategy was led by our Nursing Leadership Board, in full consultation with the nursing workforce. Our nursing vision and pledge encompasses the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Code of Professional Practice and is framed around six themes:

  • Working and listening together
  • Core Professional Practice
  • Welcoming, safe and clean
  • Well-being and Physical Health
  • Learning to innovate
  • A modern empowered nursing workforce

Our Nursing Strategy sets out how we will transform our services to deliver new models of integrated care. Monitoring arrangements are in place to ensure that we deliver on our commitments.

Nursing Strategy 2016-21.pdf [pdf] 4MB