Investigation into allegations related to Jimmy Savile

In November 2013, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMW) was given information by the Department of Health from the Metropolitan Police Service. We were told that as part of investigations already underway under Operation Yewtree, specific information had come to light about Jimmy Savile and Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital. As this hospital is the responsibility of GMW, the Trust Board investigated the matters arising out of the information available.

We thoroughly investigated the allegations and reviewed all relevant documents, policies and procedures which exist from the time of the alleged incidences (1960s). We also interviewed ex-members of staff who may have worked around the time of these alleged incidences. The allegation was from a member of the public and did not refer to any patient-related issues or concerns, but to access to the site of Prestwich Hospital during the 1960s when it was an extremely large institution.

We also took the opportunity to review current policies and processes, to check they are comprehensive and robust.

What follows is the final report which incorporates the findings from our investigation.

In terms of present day, a review of current policies, practices and procedures show a thorough and detailed framework of safeguarding arrangements, security management and employment checks. We believe these are a strong deterrent to the possibility of similar scenarios ever occurring.

Nevertheless, we recognise the significant impact this has had on individuals. We would like to reassure everyone that throughout this investigation, we have shown care, compassion and sensitivity towards those affected and cooperated fully with all organisations involved.

Investigation into allegations related to Jimmy Savile [pdf] 308KB